Sweater sweater,
ole Mr. Yetter,
who sweats in his sweater
no matter what the weather,
who sweats and sweats
in hot crowded jets,
who upsets the guests
when he sets and sweats,
a wetter sweater sweater
than anyone ever,
the numero uno
of the sweater sweaters,
ole Mr. Yetter,
the funky flunky from the
outskirts of Ousanchunky,
the dude among the multitude,
on the route to the institute,
a good place for
sweating weirdos
who can’t take
their sweaters off,
for ole Mr. Yetter
the wetter sweater
of the sweating
sweater wearers ever.

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Robert L. Martin
8 months

I forgot to include "whiter outer strapper" and "slighter weider flapper."

Nelson D Reyes
8 months

Bizarrer weirder freaker insaner sweater wearer will have a whiter outer strapper in the instituter.

Enjoyer this one. I am doubler positiver now that my day willer a happier oner.

Great. Thanks Robert

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