Talking Bodies
Truth be known as passions rise
As nature clenches its mighty fists
Like magnets pulling from the north
Bringing southern ways to its doors
Truth is its inability to disguise the lust
As silky bodies move into view
Nature is the prey as it is the hunter
Giving virgins new dreams to dream
Sleep no more young lady of virtue
Your body is a river of passion’s delight
You move under the eyes of salivating lips
As desire heats up with pounding pulses
Your body talks to the frenzy of the spirit
As it comes through the midst at first sighting
It plays with you and leaves you bewildered
As it goes away like passion into the calm
Beware young lady of thy dreams tonight
Your dolls will come alive as so your body
They will talk to your loins a new pleasure
As love wraps its arms around your heart
Beware young lady of pleasure’s delight

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Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
about 6 years

Wow, a delightful poem. I could feel the heat coming of the paper. Well done...

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Cory Garcia

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