Tempest Rising
Blue skies and gentle breezes up ahead
Mother Nature’s a kind lady, noble bred
She smiles as we push off at the early dawn
Darkened skies and phantom seas be-gone
Out to crystal clear waters we sail the blue
Neptune’s calling all is safe to go through
Then he looks at us with a tempestuous sneer
Fools ride into danger when all seems so clear
On the starboard side swirling winds go about
At the devil’s play ground we are no doubt
He toys with us and sees the fear in our eyes
Just a game he makes up from all his lies
Waves o’er the bow all ye sailors batten down
Medusa’s going dancing in her seafaring gown
But for audacious sailors, she’s not so tough
When she gets tired, time to call her bluff
The storm can’t last forever, forever and a day
Just an inconvenience so what can you say
Sailing in the blue again, we keep on going
We sail into port regardless of the blowing
Tempest rising, we’ve seen you before
Mighty sailors that we are, we are

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