That Magic Wand
There it goes again in its thrilling manner
Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary
With its rallying sounds that rattle my bones
Pointing its spears at my tedious heart
Turning my soul into a sea of tears
That charging music waving its magic wand
With all the power of a weeping giant
It moves up my spine into my gracious home
It moves through the corridors as it
Settles into my house and takes command
It moves into my overstuffed rooms
It discards all that is complacent and dull
As it forces beauty into the empty rooms
And leaves me with a new sensation
I now hear beauty speaking in my spirit
With her soft voices and dazzling rainbows
Playing love songs on the strings of my heart
As she leads me across the skies
Into golden sunsets and infinite seas
From my new sensation, she is
Even more beautiful than she was before

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