That Mystery Man

The top of the mountain looked like a colossal saint wreathed in silk as it pointed the way to heaven.  As we stood at the base, I could imagine what a spectacular view it must be from there.  That night we all made plans to climb to the top when the weather permitted us to do so.
On a beautiful morning when mother sun was making her grand appearance and scattering her rays upon the meadows, she smiled at us to let us know that the path was clear for our ascent to the summit.  We accepted the invitation and set out that same morning.  When we were seven eights of the way to the top of the mountain, we were exhausted and wondered if we should keep going of turn back.  We all sat down and mulled over the situation.  Most of us were in favor of turning back.
Just then an elderly gentleman approached us.  He had a warming smile that lit up his entire face.  We asked him if he wanted to join us for a chat.  We told him about our dilemma that we got ourselves into.  He thought it was amusing  but sympathized with us and said that he had seen many more predicaments worse than ours.
He said that if we kept going that he would be with us so we could reach the summit.  He told us not to lose faith, because he would be there with us the whole way.  He also told us he could see the enthusiasm in our hearts when we first laid our eyes on the mountain last Tuesday morning.  I thought to myself, “How could this man have seen us, especially since we just met him?”  He then told us, “You don’t know the power that you have.  That sacred inborn will that lies deep within your spirit, surfaces when summoned by your enthusiasm.  That is the way God speaks and responds to us.  It would be a shame if you were to give up now.”
Sure enough, we reached the top.  I looked over to thank the old man for helping us, but saw nothing but a column of incense spiraling up toward heaven encircling a voice that echoed through the valley below.  It kept saying over and over, “Thy will to be done, thy will to be done.”
Who was that mystery man who guided us up the mountain.?

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