That foxy ole’ leprechaun is at it again,
Telling me he’s my very best friend,
A confidant, a buddy, a patron saint,
Painted some stones with a gold colored paint.
To me he came with a gleam in his eyes,
Tried to fool me, not knowing, I’m so wise.
“I’ll buy your ox with this here me gold,
From my stash I hid next to MacGregor’s lode.”
“I’ll buy your house with my shiny black pearls.”
Said I, with some glossy coals from my burrows.
I got his house and he got my ox.
He couldn’t fool me, that ole’ green fox.

Happy St Patrick's Day. This poem was published in "The Belt and Beyond."

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3 months

Robert L. Martin
almost 2 years

Unfortunately, there too many of those leprechauns around selling Rolexes (actually Bolexes) in Times Square. I almost bought one myself.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

A Gothic Cathedral St Patrick’s in NYC is likely the place you’d see foxy Lepre these days. Try
Times Square aa well, he could be there selling Rolexes. Off season he is up there a fixture in the spires of the Cathedrsl spitting rain as a gargoyle.

Jolly guy. Love his ears. You’d step on him if you’re not watching your step.

Funny encounter. Like. Thanks Robert.

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