That poem with its perfumed arms
Its graceful lines and magnetic charms
Its silky skin that glows in the night
Its mysterious ride ‘til the early light
Its sultry language that embraces the dawn
Its sleepy sonnets that make the flowers yawn
Its honeyed fingers that wrap around the heart
Its rhythms in cadence with the haughty skylark
Its power that pulls us deep down to the core
Where words come to life for evermore
Where stories are chariots taking to the skies
Among the silent bustle and poetic sighs
Where words are melted down to a quiet bliss
And the spirit rises up for a heavenly kiss
The story grows wings and takes us for a ride
Through the quiet air as we lie still and glide
Oh, for that breathtaking journey
To exotic lands that bestir my passion.
I give away my riches for a glorious ride
With that alluring language that
Brought me through the story
That I wished would never end.

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