Our lady Affinity,
the magician of the skies,
with her magic wand reaching
through hallowed spaces,
in search of two strangers
in need of each other,
finds them among the multitudes
and places in them a spark that
ignites a flame that illuminates the
inner domain of the heart.
Each stranger loses themselves
and becomes one in an infinite sea,
submitting to the
power of love’s authority,
its magic spell that affinity
casts upon them.
She glues them together so they
can’t break apart,
each one fulfilling the other’s needs.
She brings them to the altar where
they pledge their love to each other
with matrimonial vows and
seals them with a kiss.
They walk together with their vows
locked inside their hearts
under an arbor covered with white roses,
down the hallowed bridal path,
through emerald green valleys
with their feet up off the ground,
supported by magic vibrations that
carry them from a world of weights
and measures to a world of
dreams and revelations.
Then after they touch the earth again,
they work to fulfill their vows to each other.
An ode to the power that affinity has.

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Robert L. Martin
12 months

Thanx Nelson. This was written about a great wedding that I attended last Saturday.

Nelson D Reyes
12 months

A beautiful stage, a beautiful world between two beautiful people in love, fulfilling each other’s beautiful desires.

Love the beautiful images. Thanks Robert. Like.

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Nelson D Reyes

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