Full of secret thoughts and revelations,
Hidden from view in secluded closets,
Sordid dreams and perverted dramas,
A representation of the darkness within,
The side that no one wants to visit,
To leave alone and try to forget but can’t,
A mounting pain that rubs against the stomach,
An unhappiness on the verge of exploding,
Locked in the discontentment of the mind,
Scraping the walls with sharp fingernails,
Bringing in the outside to the table
But not tasting or ingesting it,
Bringing pain to the well-being of the stomach,
Living in the truth of the mal-adjusted,
Increasing the pain of pent up secrets,
Of discriminating sins and perversions,
Devising a plan to alleviate the discomfort,
A dream of reaching the threshold of freedom,
A soothing exodus and a temporary disaster,
But leading to a long lasting contentment,
A courageous, voluntary, essential mission,
A comforting feeling after the anxiety subsides,
The arrival of the perversity to the normal world,
A freedom of the mind and desires,
An alienation from the present world,
A frantic search to escape from the loneliness,
A secret world in search of another one,
A successful mission accomplished,
A finding of the oppressed just like you,
A blending in and becoming one of them,
A rebuilding of the self-esteem again,
And a re-adjustment to a new life,
Such is the mission of the oppressed.

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

I agree Nelson. Opening the closet and living ones life. It must make it a lot easier to live with the fact that they are "Different" than the norm. Instead of hiding from life, one must live it to the fullest.

Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

The closet is a great metaphor unlike the attic where one can keep something and forget about it. The closet is a different “storage” space. What you keep in it haunts you persistently. Your only option if you love your life is to open the closet and live your life...vis ta vie.

Parallel to “blending in and becoming one of them...adjusting to a new life...” culturally it presents a daunting job for an outsider seeking a better life in another country, not entirely unlike coming out of the closet to re-adjust.

We can only pray as Charlotte said. Let God reward us “specially those who are in most need of His mercy”.

Like. Thanks Robert

Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

Thank you Charlotte. I wrote this poem for a publisher by the name of "Crab Fat Magazine." I feel sorry for the people who are confused about what gender they are, and to come out of the closet and have to adjust to a different life style.

Charlotte B. Williams
about 2 years

There's a saying about people having skeletons in their closet, and some people may have a few. We're instructed from the Bible to inter Into our closet and pray, and God would see us and reward us, and as you say that would truly be a successful mission accomplished.

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