Computerless and televisionless,
days and years gone by amiss,
presidents and popes gone by unheard,
never a sighting or a word,
wars and styles forever in the news,
so what for a man and his booze?
Corona’s got him inside his house,
sitting alone and quiet as a mouse,
counting the tiles on the floor,
days into weeks into years times four.
Outside is an alien world overrun
by Corona Beasts and forgotten sun,
a place where the Grim Reaper roams,
trampling over roses and smashing bones.
Locked up inside and away from it all
is the man with the cloudy crystal ball.
When will it all end?
When can he go outside?
Will he live or will he die?

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Robert L. Martin
6 months

Thanx Nelson.
I wrote these to send to a publisher to put in a Covid-9 anthology book.

Nelson D Reyes
6 months

The spinning roulette wheel world this weird 2020 and going forward. Spin the cylinder and go outside hoping that you come back inside able to spin the wheel another day.

Should I wear a mask or not? Maintain my distance from another human? Sing happy birthday twice when I soap wash my hands?
Stay forever in my den that I’ve traveled every round inch the nth times ad infinitum?

Hmm...let me have more coffee please. Let me discover more ways to roam around my den. I love traveling.

Like. Thank you Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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