I of little value,
Summoned at my door
By a stately coachman,
Driving a diamond studded carriage,
Pulled by a team of flying horses,
Presented me with
An invitation to the dance.
I, flying high and higher,
Arrived at the palace gate and
Entered through the mammoth door.
There she was dressed in red satin
That clung to her voluptuous body.
I floated into her sensuous arms
With my pounding heart
Beating out the rhythm of the mood.
As the music played on
And the wine went to my head,
The devil pulled me to her,
Tighter and tighter.
Who am I to resist?
She had me in her grasp
As the music played on and on.

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Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

...and on and on...the kind of music that gets stuck in your head for weeks on end! But delightfully nice when coupled with pleasant sensual memory, ;-)) . Ha!

Like you, my weakness, tight red satin dress plunging v-neck, slit in the front. Can’t blame your “heart beating the rhythm of the mood”. Love this line.

Thanks Robert. Like.

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