Mother Nature and her soothing breath,
Her gentle smiles and her temperance best,
Her lazy meadows and sleepy willows,
Her rejuvenescent arbors and cozy pillows,
Her recurring plan that blossoms in the spring,
Her hymn of gratitude as the Meadowlarks sing.
When all is quiet and all is running smooth,
That beast called winter looks forth to move.
Forgotten and forsaken with one last thrust,
Disrupting the flow of springtime’s trust,
Reliance is a word of broken promises,
A love affair with deceiving kisses.
Mother Nature is a wild animal in the rough,
Nestling in with the seasons ‘tis not enough.
She runs free with her roving spirit at heart,
Guided by that rebellious wind from the dark,
April is January in her playful state of mind,
And snow is no different than any other kind.
She toys with the seasons and brings on the air
As she lunges forth and laughs without a care,
So beautiful, so playful, so childish, so disruptive,
So wild, so disobedient, so unruly, and so provocative.
Disruption is her game,
And springtime is her playground.

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Nelson D Reyes
plus de 3 ans

Mother Nature-the All!
Nurturing all seasons.
She is the garden, the temple, the shelter.
That protects us all.
When she is building and rebuilding.

Like. Thank you Robert.

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