Run and hide Mr. Tom.
Your days of immunity are all gone.
Thanksgiving is around the corner.
The axe man is getting warmer.
Be the smartest turkey in the farm.
Run and hide behind the barn.
Or make friends with Farmer Brown.
Follow him on his walks all around.
Snuggle up to him when he goes to bed
And learn how to fetch like his dog Ed.
How can one kill a good true friend?
Die of old age at the very end.
Be a canineishlike turkey phenomenon.
Move up to a higher echelon.

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Robert L. Martin
4 months

Hello Mr. Tom. Nelson told me to say hello for him.

Sim Evora
4 months

Run to the White House, Mr. Tom!

Nice. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nelson D Reyes
4 months

I need a wild turkey with cinnamon on the rocks and a side of cranberries, sweet potatoes, and stuffing.

Tom needs Ed’s intercession.

Like. Happy Thanksgiving, Robert. Look out for Mr. Tom and say hello to him from me.

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