The Fragility of Thought

As I sit suspended above the mountains, I can look down and reflect on what went wrong.
The year 3000 was a very prosperous one.  With the population growth under control, there was plenty of food still available, due to a highly scientific method of farming.  For instance, each corn stalk was approximately twenty feet high, with about thirty ears of corn on each stalk.  All fruits and vegetables were grown in that same manner, decreasing the size of the land needed to grow the same amount of crops, due to an elaborate root system that was developed and a speeded up maturation process with the same amount of sunlight.
The population was under control because of contraceptive steps taken to reduce the number of births.  Families were rewarded for complying to these voluntary restrictions.
The whole world became very intelligent, due to a vaccine that was administered to each newborn child.  Instead of highly curious absorbent minds being limited to the very young, that same type of mind remained throughout one’s entire life time.  Everything learned remained in the conscience, and ready to be applied to new ideas.
The negative side to all of this though, was the sophisticated weaponry that was developed from these minds.  Every country had the resources to blow up the entire world by just pressing a button.  The smallest armies were the most feared ones.  They could compete and rule the world with their intelligence.  Every country, big or small, became a threat to end the world.
As Armageddon loomed ahead, the voice of God could be heard like a clap of thunder through the clouds.
“I am the culmination
Of intellectual thought
Without me in your heart
You alone shall perish.”

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Cory Garcia
over 6 years

This would be a good book :)

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