The Gate
Who shall ever pass through it, for paradise lies in wait
Though it is sometimes not, it is life as it is enigmatic
It breathes bitter sweet air
Life with its ever changing moods
Its angelic and devilish desires
Rising to the summit, the intoxication of life
The Love Goddess working her charms
Serpents and angels dancing together
Flirtations igniting the flame of love
Paupers and kings falling victim to it
Silky skin for passion’s delight
Like bees drawn to a flower
Loins take command of aimless yearning
Reasoning becomes a forgotten force
The science of oblivion leads the charge
All allegiance goes to the power of creation
Lust is the new idol of worship
Lust performs its ceremonial rites
Passion screams with amorous voices
Juices flow through thirsty cracks
The rivers of life pass through
Love’s union grants its divine wish
Life and lust give forth life
Purified blood from virgin streams
Pours out into baptismal fonts
New life in all its vestal glory
Breathing new air passing through portals
Still holding onto sacred hands
Life becomes frightening but curious
Then sweet pain goes out to sea again
And leaves tenderness upon the shore
Life has answered carnal desires
The gate, the womb, the home,
The pleasure palace, the instrument of creation
Oh sweet mystery of life, without you I would have been  
A lost spirit in search of a body to call home

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Levi Carter
almost 6 years

... amazing

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Levi Carter

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