Mother Nature in the throes of the wild,
That beast kicking up the quiet seas,
Defying the rules of civility and inhibition,
Her love affair with passion and the lust,
Her letting down of her silky locks,
Her flirting and smiling at the devil,
Her children unguarded, unprotected,
Standing in the line of sight of the beast,
That nice man with a hidden nefarious side,
That knows no line between age and reason,
Or innocence and maturity,
Or willingness and reluctance,
That lets his passion rule his world,
His covenant with the wildness of nature,
His throwing himself in the midst of it
With his loins on fire and lust in his heart,
The bestial side of his two sided self,
His animal passion that takes over,
His natural self in the world of pleasure,
His embracing the begotten feeling,
His losing of his self in rapture,
In the throes of nature in her wilderness,
The girding of that natural feeling,
The God self speaking inside his mind
With reason rising to the height of passion,
The shifting of reason to the senses,
The listening to her vulnerability,
Her untainted loins exposed
To the fury of love, her steamy limbs,
Her nervous smile, her childish pleas,
Her innocence written on the face of love,
His passion sinking like a wounded ship,
His fatherly influence taking over,
The contentment of God within,
The pleasure of paradise thwarted,
For the taming of the wild beast
Called “Human Nature.”
Thank God for sensibility, conscience,
Reasoning, compassion, and the
Girding at the height of passion.

I got the idea for writing this from the movie, "American Beauty," that I saw; when Kevin Spacy was in a love scene with his daughter's best friend, a pretty teenager that was constantly flirting with him. After he realized what he was doing, he couldn't go through with love's consummation. His fatherly influence took over him. He was about 30 years older than she was.

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

It must have been for him to resist, but he did it. Good for him.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

Good he composed himself and took a couple of breaths. Conscience rules!

Like. Thanks Robert.

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