The Joke Inventor
Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, not so funny
Not many laughs, but made lots of money
What is money, but a funny less pile a’dough
When reeled on the way to the bank on the go
But when Pete found a piece of dog pooh
Dried up for days for some hungry fool
Thinking it was a chocolate brownie to eat
Yum, yum, yum, tastes sort of bittersweet
When his side kick, Ed, told all his friends
They roared with laughter, tickled ‘til the ends
Funny was invented from that very first day
Ed went down into joke history by the way
Electricity and cars, invented to meet the need
Dog pooh and laughter, a requirement indeed
A good way to make the belly shake
Funnier than lights and cars to make
Ed, thank you for inventing jokes
You can make us laugh at Henry’s cars
When they break down
Or Thomas’s light bulbs
When they burn out

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