The Landing

From ancient homes to virgin lands,
From places higher as the sky expands,
From an ancient craft up high so free,
Planet Earth is a crystal ball we see.
In blue wreathed in a mystifying white,
An enchantment to all dreamers’ delight,
Down to the new paradise as we set forth,
Steady as we go to stay on course.
We see emeralds rising and pale blue waters,
Reaching the knighted sands of kingly fathers.
We set down into the lap of green pastures,
Where the air lives and sings in overtures.
How soothing is the song of thy summer winds,
In fields of barley with heavenly hymns.
We landed in a paradise of fruited valleys,
Our home for centuries upon further centuries.
Home we have come, home we are, home at last.

This is from a musical composition of mine called, "Ancient Earth Landings."

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