Down, down deep and deeper yet,
down the corridor and then some more,
in a musty cell in a cold, damp prison,
on another island in the same ocean,
is the home of the latent beast
with an angelic face and charming smile,
of superior intelligence,
articulate in speech,
clothed in immaculate attire,
Bible verses in his mind but not his heart,
clawing at the withered walls to get out,
dreaming of triumph and domination
over lonely people in search of someone,
a friend, a faith, a belief, a confidant,
a new God to replace the old one,
a new religion to cater to their needs,
a new faith to spread over hill and dale,
the word of the new God passed on,
the works of his works carried out,
evil manifested in bodily deeds,
satanic rituals performed,
all in the mind of the latent beast,
clawing at the walls of the prison
and forever clawing.
Beware of the beast within you.

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Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

Like. Thanks Robert.
Be true to yourself. Take a deep breath , maybe a couple or three. There’s always your other cheek.

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Nelson D Reyes

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