The Reluctant Christian
Smiles affixed, morn’ and night
Pretentious faces, cheeks growing sore
Running out of time, oh for a peaceful sleep
The Christian way, what a price to pay
Life on his side, the only life there is
Whispers from the underground
Of fervency weeping and passion rising
The Christian offers his artificial sympathy
We see surfaces running only skin deep
Pain and misery not too far away
Demons ready to rise up from below
Christian smiles are those in jeopardy
Pain and misery that live in his soul
Crushed from the glow of his heavy face
Look to rise to the surface and climb
Up through his body and into his smile
Oh to bear his soul and move with passion
To remove that smile and free himself
From that religion of the past called Envy
The Christian has come back to life again
His smiles are a true extension
Of the Holy Spirit
His tears are messengers from his soul
That direct link between him and God
Not between him and his religion

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