‘Tis finished but not finished,
settled but not settled,
stretching upon miles of shifting sand,
a breaking down for a rebuilding,
of plateaus reached
and hitherward sought,
the new in need of a new new,
a change before the paint gets dry,
one step ahead of the common man,
the man beset with a conundrum
with a futile attempt to solve it,
one more wrong in his eyes,
but one more right in
the eyes of the artist,
the man with one foot planted in truth
and the other in a dream,
a truth embellished by a dream,
a restless rebellion in need
a veristic advancement,
a bond to keep him tied to the truth,
but with an eye for the
changeable future,
his future molded with his own hands,
his creation embraced by the norm,
the catching up to his ingenuity,
to the man with a desire to change,
to travel upon his new avenue
and reach his temporary destination,
then keep running and running
and running.................

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Nelson D Reyes
12 months

An artist’s work is never done. The paint/medium remains wet long after the canvas is taken down from the easel and long after the artist’s passing. Critics are a given and most of them are paying a fortune to “own” the artist.

But a true artist keeps on “running...” like you said.

Thanks Robert. Beautiful portrait of an artist.

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Nelson D Reyes

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