All relations, sons, and daughters,
The tired, weary, and lonely wanderers,
Come back home and share with us,
Your troubles, needs, and plans discuss.
Thanksgiving Day, our reunion time.
We’re still a unit and all combined.
We laugh and play and talk together,
And iron out our problems whatsoever.
Families are still what we call our home.
In our hearts we know we’re not alone.
Though we part and travel many a mile,
We’re still a cohesive unit all the while.

As featured in "The Belt and Beyond" magazine

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Robert L. Martin
presque 2 ans

I've been away from my family for many years. I still think of them as home.

Nelson D Reyes
presque 2 ans

In many ways we are all still tribal, cohesive as family units. And thriving
being such. We tend to our family and extended families.

Like. Thanks Robert. Happy Thanksgiving,

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Nelson D Reyes

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