The Right One
The right God
The wrong God
The right deity
The wrong deity
The right religion
The wrong religion
The right sacred writings
The wrong sacred writings
The right assumptions
The wrong assumptions
The right faiths
The wrong faiths
The right beliefs
The wrong beliefs
The right philosophies
The wrong philosophies
The right way to worship
The wrong way to worship
The right customs
The wrong customs
The one supreme
The one not so supreme
The one God deep in thought,
“I just knew I was going to be
Divided down through the ages.”

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Robert L. Martin
plus de 4 ans

Thank you, Charlotte. Actually I've written over a thousand so far. I only have 700+ in Poeticous so far. You've written quite a few also. I like what you do. Patriotic and religious.

Charlotte B. Williams
plus de 4 ans

There is definately a right and a wrong of everything. You sound a little like King Solomon here. He was so deep, and so are you Robert L. Martin You have written so many poems I think you're working to get to 1000 if you're not already there. I enjoy it.

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