The Second Wave

After the calming of the
first assault comes the second
wave of the virus of the
devil’s army with a vengeance
upon the shores of the thinkers,
the physicians and lab workers,
the Davies in opposition
with the Goliaths
the slingshots with a faith
and a brain against
the muscles of the Covid beast,
the disciples of the devil
with seven empty heads.
As they reach the shores
with their spears affixed
flexing their iron muscles,
not knowing about the
secret arsenals hidden
in the interior regions
in the brains of the thinkers,
the generals and the scientists,
the ones who learned from
the first assault, knowing
what to do when
the second comes,
they jump into the fire
not knowing how hot it is.
With the battle of Armageddon
still raging in their memories,
the thinkers rise up with
their formulas and vaccines,
led by courage, determination,
and a faith in God Almighty,
the supreme thinker of them all,
and stand upon the hill
waving their cerebral banners
in victory over the second wave.

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