Army of one thousand ready to attack,
With no plan of ever turning back,
It’s now or never to take over the fort,
With bloody spears and artillery brought forth.
Up in the hostile air with fiery cannon balls,
‘Twasn’t enough for the sturdy castle walls,
So turning back is all that could be done,
As the castle was defended and the battle won.
We are the castle and cancer is the aggressor.
We fend off the blows and become the victor.
We of ten thousand and them of just a few,
We say “Good riddance,” and bid them adieu.

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Robert L. Martin
9 mesi

Thanx Nelson. I wrote this for " The Belt and Beyond" magazine

Nelson D Reyes
9 mesi

The human immune system always on the look out for body invaders - our first “ten thousand defenders”.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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