The Storm
Easy skies with their feeble smiles
Are hunting grounds for me to roam
I laugh as I raise my mighty sword
At Mother Earth down there, my virgin prey
The sultry air is my sweet nectar
My soakened billows too heavy to float
I conjure up my lethal arsenal
And release my cruel sweat
Then I watch it swirl with
My angry violent breath
And ravage all what’s there down below
I gloat over the bending forest
And sing with the turbulent seas
I laugh at the sailors as they batten down the hatch
For I’m a force too powerful to disregard
But before violence returns to violence again
There is something there in between
A quiet lustrous rainbow peeking thru’ the blue
Apologizing for all the devastation that I caused
Their colors are so soothing
They make it easy to forget
My turbulent ways that I can’t control
After all, I am only a pawn
And the hand that moves me
Is that of Mother Nature’s
For her cruelty becomes also part of me

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