The Taken One
Though she belongs to another
What magnet brings forth together
A love for her, a love for him
Who am I, on the outside looking in?
The window of love, through a lonely pane
A wilted rose without a drop of rain
Meant for me, but to him she doth wander
Out of my reach, a dream to rise up yonder
What life is fair to me alone in waiting?
For a damsel, my spirit for its true elevating?
Up to paradise, the land of warming dreams
Where love comes my way for all it seems
She knows not where my heart wants to land
Like tired swimmers searching for the sand
My desperation is a hidden secret from her
A silent poem with a heated smile to bestir
Is my secluded life to be the only one for me?
I have things to share and things to be
She lives in my heart, but a thousand miles away
I was born a lover, so what can I say?
She who lives in the arms of another
The one who was meant for me forever
Taken away from my silent self
Too far away to see my tears
I was born alone, so I shall die alone

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Leesaan Robertson
about 5 years

This poem is so beautiful yet it's sad.
Funny how I just wrote a poem similar to yours but the title is called taken and it's shorter than your poem.
Well done.

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