The Throbbing Depths

The sea that never sleeps,
Awake since the first light of light,
Neptunian child of the earth
Pacing inside its oceanic home,
Fathoms under fathoms under fathoms,
Playground of the effervescent tides,
The fanning of their nervous hands,
The thumping of their colossal tails
In rhythm to the spinning earth
And the drums of the earth Gods
Unto the rites of tidal fervor,
The gravitational pull of the hands
Under the baton of the mighty moon,
Maestro of the symphonic winds,
Music of the immortal tides,
The throbbing in the depths,
The oceans and their sustainment,
Their ancient lungs gathering strength
For the next surge into the next breath,
The rolling of the perpetual waters,
The lovers of poetic motion,
The flowing of life into life,
A sea alone dependent upon
The throbbing depths to
Give it motion to dance
With the rhythm of the earth.

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