Deep crimson wings drifting in the skies,
As heaven looks down with its loving eyes,
At one lover alone and one heart incomplete
Acting in compliance to fill that empty seat
Found a young maiden of twenty long years
Fulfilled his dreams as his loneliness disappears
Took to the hallowed air to heaven’s dominions
A bizarre flight with swords hidden in the pinions
On wings of oblivion and wings of pure bliss
He lost himself for the feel of heaven’s kiss
Navigated stormy rivers and floated in rivulets
Dragged thru’ the coals and over thrilling sunsets
Where he found the secret of his virgin heart
That beat away the solitude in a broken shard
For the crowning of love and its crucifixion
He marched toward its heart in curious submission
He found that world of passion in its wild nature,
His losing himself in the throes of laughter,
His crying with the agony of a wounded bird,
And his rolling with life without a binding gird.
Where the wings of love transported his soul,
With tears of compassion to make his life whole,
He landed where love prescribed for him to land,
In the life of love where lovers band.

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