The other world
Of imagination and pleasure,
Of mobile truths that
Cater to our desires and dreams
Within a reachable distance,
A thrilling walk upon the bridge
Built with caffeine, alcohol, and heroin,
That bridges the gap between
Desire and fulfillment,
Paved with chemicals with open arms
That take us in then kick us out,
That leaves its sugar coated
Residue on our feeble lips as we
Cry for that same taste again,
That pleasure that once was,
That temporary paradise
That availed itself to us
Then came crashing down
Soon after our arrival,
That pleasure palace
With heart shaped beds
And red velvet plush carpets
That feels so soothing under our bare feet,
That offers eternal happiness
But gives out only a temporary one,
Then laughs at us for our disappointment,
The evil inside that chemical
That makes us come back
Again and again;
“Stay away and
Never come back!!!”

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Isaac Eustice
about 1 year

I've never read a better description of the paradoxical enlightenment of hedonism, necessary for an artist, but a temporary path that must be abandoned as it is realized. Great work!

Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

I'm sure glad to leave that world behind. I like to get high without the drugs, like when I read good writing or see a great movie.

Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Brings back ‘70s disco mirror ball rainbow lights to the tune of disco music. I guess that’s the image you see with chemicals of opioids in your brain...entirely a cloud nine world.

Like. Thanks. Robert.

Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

Thanks Vic.

over 1 year

Do opioids really give a heavenly feeling? I thought they negate all feeling, nothing but a void, an emptiness. But I guess there are some who ache for oblivion.

Nice poem nevertheless.

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