Those Voices On High

Here they are again. Those words keep coming at me.  They hide in my sub-consciousness ready to flood my being like a monsoon.  After all those years in captivity, I opened the way for them through my meditations.  Now I am opening the door for them to enter into my consciousness. These words are my proof that I know more than I think I do.  They are an accumulation of what I have learned and done in the past that are stored in my silent depth, those secret voices that live up high above me.  Until I try to reach them, they won’t reveal themselves.  
When these words come into our midst, they lift us up to where we can associate ourselves with those who taught them to us. Their intelligence is part of ours.  We are all segments of universal intelligence, that knowing element that lives in our secret depth.  We all have the capability to be like the sages.  They meditate on higher intelligence just like we can.  They were once children who had an open mind.  All they did was absorb new things and remember what they learned in the past, becoming a child again with a clear mind. They are like a computer that keeps adding more information each day.  All they do is tap into that information through their meditations.  Those voices on high are not that high above us.  They are within reach.

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