Peace is a tender lamb up in the sky
While lofted poems give out a gentle sigh
And the calm breathes in the silent air
While passion yearns for its lady fair
Too much peace is a story without a plot
As conflict wanders with no place to squat
The anger of the skies is a compelling drama
Like a ruthless guru with a vengeful karma
Hot and cold is a disconnected dream
While tornadoes wait and so they scheme
When sentries hang up their readied spears
Castles go down amid conquering cheers
Wild beasts roam with shimmering black heads
With swirling spouts and long-legged spreads
Beauty in the skies with a marauding face
Moving at will with the Devil’s pace
Setting on down at full steam ahead
With engines roaring and forests tread
They laughed when serenity once ruled the earth
Tornadoes grew wicked from an eager birth

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