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Tough Man Dying

Tough men with big dreams with a little boy’s mind try to win a war with no support from his people or the rest of the world. They choose to fly solo with no co-pilot. They try to fulfill their dreams of grandeur and forget what happened in the past.

Wars were even lost by tough men with big dreams, even when the men offered society something to better themselves, but changed their motives during the course of the war. They offered their people something to gain their support, but when that something started to become less important and his delusive motive started to control his mind, he switched his motives by murdering some of the people who were supporting him. The war was lost because he wasn’t wise enough to follow his original plan, and because the world was too big for him to conquer.

The tough man of today thinks he can conquer the world alone with no support; no promises in return to gain his peoples’ support. He wants to rekindle the past with out-of-date ideology, when muscle was the key to victory and technology wasn’t. His resources are dwindling down for him and his people; enough for them to lose confidence in him; therefore, rebelling against him. His people live in the present with a present day way of thinking; technology over muscle. They are friends with the rest of the world and rely on global technology to survive. When he and his people have no more money, how can he win a war, this tough man with visions of grandeur, this poor tough man who is dying?

This is what I think will happen to this tough man by the name of Putin.

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