Her nerves are like a powder keg about to explode.  Even though that horrible incident occurred years ago, she is still trying to run away from it, but she can’t.  It haunts her day and night.
Even though she did nothing to cause that dreaded trauma, she blamed herself for her relationship with the victim, that direct correlation with the incident.  She kept thinking, if she weren’t there that fateful night, her lover wouldn’t have been shot.  The jealous shooter would still have found another time to kill him, even though he was unsuccessful that first time.
Revenge is like a wild justice that makes up its own laws to get even.  The more it festers in the avenger’s heart, the more apt he would be to succeed.
Passion is a prerequisite to love, but passion unattended is a flame that burns toward its own destruction.  Love is a mutual kindness that rules out all covetousness and is nourished by the love of God.
Besides her lover meeting his untimely death, she, being her kind and righteous self, also became a victim of uncontrollable passion, because of her frayed nerves and sleepless nights.
When trauma occurs in the early formative years it has a more devastating effect on her life.  It would not have been if she matured and became more accustomed to the harshness of life when that incident occurred.
God bless her and help her to forget that trauma in her life.

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