Upon Choosing

Upon Choosing
Upon Lord Higglebottom’s quest
To find the appropriate book
From his vast assortment
He encountered two books
He asked his butler, Mr. Bipleburger
His most knowledgeable advisor
To assist him for his choosing
“Hmm, Mr. Bipleburger
Shall I select this one,
Excerpts from Zarathustra
By “Nietzsche?”
Or should my selection be
The Republic
By “Plato?”
Then a fly appeared and
“Kablam!! He smashed and
Smeared it all over one of his books
“Perhaps, Your Lordship, your selection
Should be the one without the
Fly corpses all over it
It looks rather messy, you know.”
“Yes, quite right, thank you
For your expert advice.”
Replied Lord Higglebottom.

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