We come to begin again our youth,
To savor love’s sweet nectar’s juice,
From Cupid’s arrow lodged inside,
To home to love and lust bestride.
My sweet love, my cherished Linda,
As old fires die, new fires we rekindle.
We sit in front of love’s open hearth
In cozy rooms far from winter’s harsh.
Winters of sorrow are those of pleasure,
With you, my Linda, my begotten treasure.
Cupid’s arrow, aimed at those who forget,
But for me, my everlasting Valentine’s beset.
Who needs Cupid’s arrows to remember?
To the eternal power of love we surrender.

To my dear Linda with all my love.

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Robert L. Martin
más de 1 año

Thanx Nelson. Linda is my one true love.

Nelson D Reyes
más de 1 año

Beautiful! Succinct like the sweetness you get from a strawberry.
Love it. Thanks Robert. Don’t be a trifle late now Linda is waiting at a table for two and can’t wait for the sponge trifle dessert!

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Nelson D Reyes

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