Back in August when the pursuit began,
When our team laid out their impending plan,
To win the Super Bowl as all other teams do;
But only one is victorious when it is all through.
We gave it all we got; hence we are here,
In line to win the biggest game of the year.
We stood in line to hear the National Anthem
With sweaty palms and nervous fingers, we men,
With our plan zooming through our busy minds,
To taste the fruit of victory and all it combines.
We took the opening kickoff with serious intent,
To keep marching down the field to the very end.
When the game clock read zero, the victory was ours.
We had the plan, the perseverance, and the powers.
Football is a game of execution and planning,
Along with the ability to stick to the plan.

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Robert L. Martin
about 3 years

I was very nervous when my Giants played the Patriots and beat them in the Super Bowl. I couldn't stand it, but sure was glad about the outcome.

Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

Absolutely. The art and science of planning and execution is a way of life. More so in competitive sports where victory is the goal.
And that goal has many, many moving parts that are entirely different from the best laid out plan. We all have seen actors/players get executed right after a game plan is hatched. And we stuff our mouth with junk food! And finish the bottle of beer! But there are plenty of times when botched game plans define the team, the actors. Big game impromptu reactions at fourth downs, e.g., that made crucial first downs or even a TD for the victory, are the stuff that make football what it is - on edge from kickoff to zero game clock.
Were the days with George Allen and Joe Gibbs. Miss the band playing at every Skins TD! Fun, fun times! I am sure you had as well with NY Giants.
Like. Thanks for the memory Robert.

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