We rise, we fall, then rise again.
We dust ourselves off, then we begin
To work, to rebuild, to follow the plan,
As if tragedy never came into our midst.
Tragedy, the bearer of two different seeds,
One that motivates our instinctive resilience,
And the other that causes us to give up hope,
As we all lie down and idle away our dreams.
We arose with the call of the motivation seed.
It blossomed in our hearts as we came to life.
The nine eleven disaster wanted us to lie down,
But we came together; yes we, the resilient.

This is in memory of the 9-11 tragedy. It was published in "The Belt And Beyond" magazine, Sept 7 issue.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 4 years

Thank God for people that can shake off the dust and move on. To me, life is about surviving hardships and moving on. It is easy for us to lie down and never get back up. Sometimes that is exactly how I feel, but something inside of me gets me moving again; I guess one would say it is God in me and his will for me to keep myself going, like a fighter getting up before the count of ten.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 4 years

Totally with you. I believe totally that humans are resilient, inherently. Yes like the bamboo we bend with the wind no matter whether fiercely aggressive or breeze like friendly and composed we resume our pointed aim for the Sun, the Heaven-the life giver.
Like the 9-11 tragedy that this poem touches on I can easily relate to it with my near death experiences and my wife's surviving a cancer. We moved on after the interruptions. Like. Fave. Thanks Robert. Resilience, one of my favorite words.

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