Fatherly fathers,
potters of the clay,
ambassadors of morality
and knowledge,
inheritors of obligations,
relinquishing their
self fulfilling desires,
giving up their selfish dreams,
molding their sons and daughters
on the potter’s wheel
with segacious hands
and careful fingers,
defining and representing
moral integrity and providence,
planting seeds in their minds,
overseeing their development
while not interfering
with their decisions,
encouraging them to be
what they want to be
and not what you are.
You are only the potter
and not the pottery.

I got inspired from Paster John's sermon yesterday at church to write this.

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Robert L. Martin
4 months

Thanx Nelson. Being a father isn't so easy.

Nelson D Reyes
4 months

I love to have been there hearing this message from the pastor. Parents advise, listen, and cheer like a potter would mold, feel, and let go.

Happy Father’s Day Robert. Thanks for this. Like and fave.

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