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Wild Man Oeuvre

The finding the way out of the dark,
the conjuring up the language
of the song of the roving spirits,
the whimsical reveling at play,
the care-free nature of the child of song,
the mystery of the contents therein,
a madness with wings
to fly out of the dark and into the light,
the exposure of the brain of the rebel,
the breaking of the laws of composition,
a musical form reinvented,
the commonality of the disjointed,
the love of the madness inside,
romance with the devils and angels,
a binding with life and the other life,
the stirring up of outer world thoughts
into the witch’s brew,
blending them with love and lunacy,
passion and the outcome of its application,
a brave venture into the natural world,
a rebellious offering from a restless man,
a genius with a song in his heart,
a breaking of the rules,
the showing off of its contents,
its running out into the ears of the world,
with another world of sound reinvented,
his new world from his own invention,
a souring of the taste of the common man,
the man with his spirit locked in a cage,
the man with a simple melody in his heart
and a simple language on his tongue,
who rides with the current of the mainstream,
that stays on course with the common flow,
who imposes laws within his spirit
to favor his own taste,
the music of the rebel,
the Igor Stravinskies
and “The Rites of Springs”
who defy the worlds of conformity,
who are the brave pioneers of sound.

This is about Stravinsky's "The Rites of Spring" composition. It taught me a lot about the freedom of thought. I listen to it all the time.

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