Worry Not

Why worry when you’ll be
Numb and silent, a leaf
Expired through time,
Silence riding with the wind
Cold no longer cold
Hot no longer heated
Pain no longer painful?
Traveling thru’ the abyss
Has no bottom, no hurt
An infinite journey
Some say that happiness is in the contentment of the senses and faith is in the pursuit of it.  Some say that heaven is at the summit, the high judge who oversees morality being observed, rewarding the faithful and punishing the unfaithful.  
Hurtling through space
With no mind of your own
Oblivious to the senses
While God is at the controls
Morality is only a creed
For the mindful and
Oblivion has no creed at all
It surges past all form and matter
All intelligence, all faith
Religion lost its credibility
All it has left is the
Soothing hands of the Almighty
Worry not, my friend
God will not let you down
All faith is an avenue to love

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Norman Goldstein
almost 7 years

Thank you for so well stating in a kind and loving way the way it is........


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