Years Ahead

Years Ahead
Little girl, up ahead road so smooth
Moving swiftly into life’s journey on
Into years when time is like winter’s end
When rudiments are past and music is love
As fingers lose themselves and dance to and fro
When music climbed in and took you prisoner
Your piano is a seasoned lover of passion
The keys are a velvety glowing skin
Stretched out over miles of heavenly bliss
Your heart is a virgin kiss full of heat
Your touch is a lust before lust begins
  Your feelings traveled many roads but
These roads are yet to be traveled upon
You reached the summit before you began
You were a Siren sister sitting on the rocks
Luring the sailors to their doom
You lived through it all before
Before you became that innocent child
That fetus inside that warm cozy womb
Where geniuses are made
Where mortality is a smoldering ember
But not quite dead yet
You have yet to live, and live you will

I got inspired to write this poem when I heard a young teenage girl by the
name of Tristan play the piano and sing last night on American Idol. She sounded
like a seasoned veteran, although she was only 15 years old. Her music was beautiful.

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