Going back to my old self, thought I put him away on a shelf
But the past comes back to haunt you, my morals have seem to lost their glue
I want to start my life anew, then I can see it from a new point of view
Slipping up is easy for me, its just so hard for others to see
People don’t know what I go through, they don’t know how much I’ve grew
Six months ago I was a demon, living life without any reason
I have come so far along, but still I can’t find out where I belong
Lost in this mind set of sin, seems like I always need to start over again
I always say this time is it, I just can’t seem to admit
My life is over I quit, lost in a pitch black pit
No stairs or ladder to save, seems that I have made my own grave
No chance to get out, there is no one that can hear me shout
It is muffled my deception, I don’t think anyone will make an exception
Fallen down this path to many times before, my mind is at a constant war
Struggling with what I should become, I can’t feel anything now I am so numb
Darkness overcomes my thought, my mind is now distraught
Only a trace of good is left, bad is always on the theft
Of the pure thoughts in my brain, I try so hard but I’m left in a strain
What do I have left to gain, for good to come first comes pain
Enough of this horrible time, now my conscience begins to climb
Towering over the bad, and here I thought there was nothing left to be had
There is always some good left in your soul, your mind is never left unwhole
The spark of life is still in, even though it is covered in sin
You may need a hammer to break ground, but the end will bring a wonderful sound
The sound of acceptance at what you’ve done, this time of joy has just begun
Live like this and you will know, life is not a one man show
It takes a number of people to live, just how much are you willing to give
The more you do, is how much your life will be true
So now I leave you on this note, be sure to know what I have wrote
It is not just pointless rhymes, Its the answer for the rest of times
Be true to who you are, then you’ll see you can go far
God answers all your doubt, don’t get caught in an endless drought


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Azure White
about 7 years

Truly amazing! I love this. Very well done. :)

Robert McIntyre
over 7 years

thank you for reading means alot

Cory Garcia
over 7 years


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