What will the people say, once they know what I’ve done to many a day
Hold me in their embrace, or stare me down in disgrace
Get angry and lash out, or stand stern and stout
Just the rumor of rejection cripples my thought, my whole life will become distraught
I strive for the approval of my peers, not having that will bring me to countless tears
All of the disapproval, will they start they’re plans for my removal
Out of their life, kick me out with heaps of strife
Never to look back, knowing that my life has went to far off track
I started a new beginning, I won’t go back to the worst kind of sinning
Lies and abuse, that life was bringing me straight to the noose
Writing my own end, not even stopping to try and mend
Free-falling in lies, not caring to say my last good-byes
But I have seen the light, and yes it is shining oh so bright
Shimmering in glory, I have the chance to rewrite my story
Maybe they can forgive, See that I am starting to relive
God knowing what I am doing, he understands a new me is brewing
Hopefully they can understand,  I have a new conscience in command
The old ways are lost, I will do good at any cost
Bonds have been torn, but with forgiveness they can be reborn
God has helped me in this crisis, I am no longer lifeless


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Robert McIntyre
over 7 years

thank you very much!!!

Nicole Bauer
over 7 years

Really good. :)

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