Past Wrongs

Living life should be happy and fun
The way my life is going I might as well be on the run
Running from my past the whole way through
Nothing left that I can do
Mistakes in the past never leave
The weight of them makes it unbearable to breath
If I could only go back in time
Make the wrongs all right and start to shine
But even on the cloudless day
The darkness still shrouds me with all its dismay
Trust is a hard connection to heal
Years pass and old friends turn you away with that crimson seal
Family is broken friendships are lost
For me what will be the final cost
The pain needs to end
Just the thought makes my mind bend
The thought of being right in this world of wrong
Why am I the only one that sings a different song
I am the man in your nightmarish dreams
I weave all the hatred into your unknown seams
They call me the creature of the night
After all these years it seems I continue just out of spite
But when I feel at my lowest point
I think of God and hope he will still anoint
When fruit goes bad it gets thrown out
But I am the seed that will begin to sprout
The unknown hero that has been reborn
No need to sound the joyous horn
I will live through life knowing my past
Trying to make the good in me always last
When you are feeling down
Never get lost in the pool of sadness and drown
Look up to the light of dawn
Together we will defeat Satan and his spawn
Light will always prevail in dark
The past will eventually loose its spark


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