My life is full of faults, bad choices come at me in full assault
Never leaving, I am now always grieving
Friends are still lost in space, been there too I can’t have a face of disgrace
I need to get out of this place, once pure thoughts have been lost without a trace
Guidance isn’t easy to show, my light is barely at a dim glow
Be a leader I was once told, I can’t bring myself to ever be so bold
Ashamed at who I was, whispers in my head making a constant buzz
Demons to my left and Angels to the right, neither of them are in clear sight
Forgive me of my sins, the good in you will always win
Don’t be ashamed of who you were, your future is the only thing that is sure
The past you will not change, A good future is in range
Do what is best for you, don’t get lost out in the blue
Walking alone is a hard life to live, friends in life are willing to give
Ask them for some advice, don’t take the chance at rolling the dice
Make choices that are sure, then your life will come out pure
God loves you the most, nothing else will ever come close


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