There’s no clear thougts in my mind.
There’s no perpetual space for me find.
What would be beauty,
In a land of sadness?
What would be justice,
In a place where reigns the madness?
I wish so much a kind of love more sincere.
Maybe a meeting of minds fixes in me what I need.
God knows, God suspicious,
The way, the answer, is like a whistle unkind.
She knows too, she suspicious,
My love for her left me blind.
The bells are rhymining, crying
Agreeding with my solitude.
Kissing me, they touching me,
Changing with your melodies my attitude.
The love falls on me like a storm of feelings.
God only knows what i’d be without you,
God only knows how I’ll find for my life, pure meanings...
R. A. Queiroz

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