I lit a candle for you today;
It flickered in the gloom.
I watched for a while as it danced away,
Lighting up the room.
I locked you in that flickering light,
And prayed for just a while.
By now you will have burnt out with the night,
Leaving dark the aisle.
May God love your flickering heart,
For I no longer dare.
From that dear flame I now must part,
And leave your ashes there.


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Rosanna Blythe
over 4 years

Thanks so much for your really sweet comments! :)

over 4 years

This is a very moving poem -great job!Sometimes moving on may seem impossible, but doing so shows vigor, and great vitality!!Sounds like you're on the up and up from here on out :)-Duce

over 4 years

I read this poem three months ago. I just remembered just how much I loved its understated elegance. Bravo!

Rosanna Blythe
almost 5 years

Thanks :)

Charlotte B. Williams
almost 5 years


Rosanna Blythe
over 5 years

Thank you :)

over 5 years

real nice piece, so well penned Rosanna, great work

Rosanna Blythe
over 5 years


over 5 years


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