i had a dream of you, here in my room.
laying in bed with me.
just talking.
totally consumed.
didn’t feel scared that you’d reject me.
and you didn’t seem concerned about the
circumstances or a blessing.
but it’s vexing.
and i feel– totally out of control.
my will is gone. for the first time i prayed in the form of song.
on my knees.
it felt right.
it felt like i connected.
for once in my life, my life has a sense of direction.
and i don’t want to boost your ego,
because your confidence is fine.
and i don’t want to lose you totally,
i guess your friendship is still mine.
for someone who always says what’s really on their mind,
you don’t really ever say what’s really on your mind!
until you do....
you let me see through....
what i found was something beautiful, honest,
so true.
i understand your concerns, i really get that your worried.
just let yourself be happy,
if it means we talk till 7:30.
and i have no regrets, even if i feel some guilt.
i have no misconceptions about this fantasy we built.
but they proved mathematically that the wright brothers wouldn’t fly.
so who are we to say that there can’t be a you and i.

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