I’ve never wanted anything extravagant, all I’ve wanted is you
Of course, that in itself is selfish
Selfish as the way I’ve memorized the scent of your perfume
I’ve been thinking, and that’s not good
It’s not that I’m stupid; just merely misunderstood
To dance just once with your touch with my lead
Oh please, oh please
Can your spirit keep
I wish for good soul
And I’ve come to you in pieces
You can fix me or toss me
Or leave me to rot with the seasons
I would drain myself dry to have one chance
To tell you all of this romance
Yet again I’ve lost to my heart
Mind over body
My mind never had a start
Rifts of ridges and fingers in between
Dancing through fields, wasteland and green
Dancing and dreaming
It’s all the same
Loving you
Is loving pain
You’re so much more than you think you are
And I really have no chance
To have a pass at you at last
I’ll never have this romance


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